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We have Monthly rates only during the winter for qualified guests.  We do not have Monthly rates during the Summer, May 1st to Oct 1st.  We have a limited number of sites during the winter and summer sites are not guaranteed and extremely limited. If you are interested in staying in a winter RV site, please call ahead. You must be approved before you can move in. 

Requirements for anyone wishing to stay 28 nights or longer.

  • Each person 18 years and older must submit an Application, a valid I.D. and $10 for a nation wide criminal background check.  Application process can take up to two weeks to process. We do not run a credit check.   Only those listed on the application will be allowed to stay.   
  • No more than 8 people, including children, per a site. 
  • We reserve the right to deny any applicant for any reason.
  • If approved; $200 Security Deposit and first month's payment is expected upon check in.  A  site deposit  will be required if you want to reserve ahead of your check in date and is non refundable.
  • Applicant needs to be able to personally pay for their stay, no third party payments.
  • Motorhome or RV must be operational; they cannot be towed into the park.  Rv's can not be dropped off.  You must personally have a vehicle that can move it. 
  • Homemade campers, converted buses or vans are not allowed.
  • Cab-overs cannot be detached from truck.
  • No more than 2 vehicle per an RV site, (if they can fit).  All other vehicles or trailers must be put into storage.  If we have storage available, it is an additional charge and deposit.  Otherwise, they must be stored off site.  Everything must fit into your site without driving or parking on the grass.  No exceptions.
  • No dog runs.
  • There are not to be any structures constructed outside your RV; enclosed porch, arctic entry or any other structure.
  • Freezers, shelves or trash are not allowed outside RV. You may have up to 5 items outside (ie, 2 chairs, 1 grill, and 2 bikes).  Additional items must be put into storage or kept inside your RV.  Mini storage, if available, can be purchased  for an additional fee and deposit.  We do not prorate mini storages.
  • Any RV older than 2000 must be pre-approved.
  • No working on trailer or vehicles in the park.
  • Sites are limited and it is first come first serve.
  • Unless your handing your application in person to the office,  we will call for your social security number and for payment.
  • Winter Rates; Full Hook Up = Deluxe sites are $600/month + electric use  for those who qualify.  We do not prorate.  Shower house will be closed during the winter, but laundry room will be available.